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A dry herb vape pen is a portable vaporizer that may look like any other portable Vape Pen, but the difference is that it uses, as the name says, dry herb. It can vary in size and shape, from small to larger ones, but they are usually very portable and come with rechargeable batteries. Dry Herb Vape Pens will work for many other substances aside from just dry herb. You can vape anything from Concentrates to Dabs and even finely ground dry herbs. If you are looking for a discrete vape pen that will do it all, the EVOD dry herb starter kit is a great place to start. Time and time again, people go on about how amazing this vape pen starter kit is and what you can throw at it.

How does a Dry Herb Pen work?: Dry herb vape pens work by heating up the dry herb in a way that it turns it into vapor. It will vaporize the active plant compounds off of the fibrous plant material. The user can then inhale this vapor, which contains only the pure plant compounds and not the other substances released when burning the fibrous plant material with a flame. Vape Pens burn at a lower level than that of let’s say, a lighter or torch. When you are lighting a water pipe or rolled paper, you are burning ash and butane, which all goes into your lungs. Vape Pens take out the ash and brutane as all the additional carcinogens that are burned when going into your lungs, get your EVOD Dry Herb Vape Pen Starter Kit today and start vaping your dry herb.
HOW TO USE: to unlock/lock the device, press the power button five times until the light glows, unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating element, load your desired amount of preferred dry herbal material and reattached tip(don't press or overload ), press the power button and hold for 4-7 seconds so that the coil heats up and burn the herbal material.

 It prevent health risk
 Design for Dry Herb
 It calms the mind and soothes the body
 No tobacco, burning, tar, cigarette butts and horrible smells
 Convenient, portable, durable and repeatable use
 Fashion lipstick design and cool Shape
 Much attractive and beautiful
 Easy to Use
 Great Functionality
 It heats up your dry herbs in a closed wick less ceramic chamber, reducing the aroma expelled
 5 times click to switch on / off the battery
 This device is made durable and built to last long


 Battery: 900mAh evod battery
 Technology Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
 Avg. Charging Time :1.5 Hours – 4 Hours
 Avg. Puffs Per Charge :40 - Show Phone Puffs
 Dry herb atomizer: Ago G5 

Kit Contents:
1pcs Rechargeable Evod Battery
1pcs Wired USB Charger
1pcs Cleaning Brush
1pcs Atomizer

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